My Passion For Music

If you know me through my magazines you probably don’t know that music is my very first love.  Singing, writing songs, and listening to music 24/7 has always shaped my world.

My passion for music started since I was four.  I used to sing, try to play instruments, and while other kids saved money to buy a new toy I saved money to get the latest cassettes! Yes, we’re talking about early 1990s.  Every week I used to visit a music store and ask the guy to give me the latest releases he has, before handing him all my savings.  After getting the new releases I always made sure to share them with my late aunt, who’s always appreciated how passionate I am for music.  I grew up listening to music, breathing it, developing a taste for what would be a hit and what would flop.

Singing and making music was always a part of me. I started playing piano when I was around 6, took lessons for a few years then I felt like I’m good to go. As a teenager I discovered other artistic sides of my personality; Calligraphy and Graphic Design, I always loved writing as well. Right after high school it only made sense to combine all of these passions in one product, that’s when I made my very first magazine, Stars Cafe.  Its success led me to make three more publications.  Building up my music background, taste and knowledge made me a natural music critic, which might be the reason why my readers loved my articles.  Magazines and graphic design took a lot of my time though, kept me busy from my music, so I didn’t write my first song until I was 20.

This sound inside me keeps bringing me back to music, my #1 passion, that’s why I decided I will not neglect it anymore.  So I continued writing my own songs, and since then I have written and composed more than 40 songs, all of which are still in production because I don’t have the ability to produce and release them yet.  But they are some of my very favorite tunes ever, and one day the whole world will listen to and love them!

Bashar Zidane