Bailee Madison: Growing Up on Screen

In the latest issue of Glamoholic magazine, I interviewed Bailee Madison about her upcoming film, her role in ‘Good Witch’ and growing up with her roles. This is the second time that we interview Bailee in Glamoholic, and it’s been very interesting to watch her career and the way she’s becoming a grown-up star. I’ve always been curious about how young Hollywood stars do this transition from a kid star into an adult star, and I truly think that Bailee is a great example that shows the right way to do it.

“I don’t think you can perfectly plan something to turn out a certain way. You just have to pray a ton and hope you are making the right choices. It has always been very important for me and my team to try to select projects that push me but in an age appropriate manner. Although, as you can imagine, I’m at the age where it’s time to step out of the box and I know that the right project is out there and I can’t wait for the challenge.” Bailee said.

Read the full interview on and don’t forget to order your hard copy of this issue!

Bashar Zidane

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